Cowork Gloucester was founded on May 10, 2017, by business partners, Kevin Haggerty and Courtney Buzzell. Both local entrepreneurs working within the digital marketing arena, Kevin and Courtney were passionate about helping small business, in and around the Gloucester area. Recognizing both the need for a distraction-free work environment, and one that fostered both productivity and creativity, Kevin and Courtney decided to launch Cowork Gloucester.

Their vision for this endeavor was to share the love of Christ, by supporting others as they pursued their professional callings in this world, and to help break the chains of fear that hold business owners and entrepreneurs back from achieving greater success. Through workshops, mentorship programs and an anything-but-boring atmosphere, Cowork Gloucester is changing the game for business owners all across Gloucester VA!

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6814 Teagle Lane, Gloucester, VA 23061

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